Synonyms of founder in English:


Synonyms of founder in English:


Definition of founder in:

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Synonyms of founder in English:



  • 1 the ship foundered on a voyage to Holland
    sink, go to the bottom, go down, be lost at sea, submerge, capsize, run aground, be swamped
    informal go to Davy Jones's locker
  • 2 the scheme foundered due to lack of organizational backing
    fail, be unsuccessful, not succeed, lack success, fall through, fall flat, break down, abort, miscarry, be defeated, suffer defeat, be in vain, be frustrated, collapse, misfire, backfire, not come up to scratch, meet with disaster, come to grief, come to nothing, come to naught, miss the mark, run aground, go wrong, go awry, go astray
    informal flop, fizzle out, flatline, come a cropper, bite the dust, blow up in someone's face, go down like a lead balloon
    [Antonyms] succeed
  • 3 some of their horses foundered in the river bed
    stumble, trip, trip up, lose one's balance, lose/miss one's footing, slip, pitch, stagger, lurch, totter, fall, fall down, fall over, fall headlong, tumble, topple, sprawl, go lame, collapse
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