Synonyms of fragment in English:



Pronunciation: stress on the first syllable
  • 1 more than 5000 meteorite fragments
    piece, bit, particle, speck; chip, shard, sliver, splinter; shaving, paring, snippet, scrap, offcut, flake, shred, tatter, wisp, morsel, shiver, spillikin; (fragments)smithereens; Scottishskelf
    technical spall
  • 2 I overheard a fragment of conversation
    snatch, snippet, scrap, bit, smattering, extract, excerpt; part, section, chapter, movement
  • verb

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  • stress on the second syllable frequent explosions caused the chalk to fragment the dangers of fragmenting the health service
    break up, break, break into pieces, crack open/apart, shatter, splinter, fracture, burst apart, explode, blow apart, implode; disintegrate, come to pieces, fall to pieces, fall apart, collapse, break down, tumble down; smash, smash to smithereens
    informal bust
    technical spall
    rare shiver
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