Synonyms of fray in English:



  • 1 cheap fabric soon frays
    unravel, wear, wear thin, wear out, wear away, wear through, become worn, become threadbare, become tattered, become ragged, go into holes, go through
  • 2 despite the situation, remarkably few nerves were frayed
    strain, tax, overtax, irritate, put on edge, make edgy, make tense
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    Synonyms of fray in English:



  • the swordsman launched himself into the fray
    battle, engagement, conflict, armed conflict, fight, clash, skirmish, altercation, tussle, struggle, scuffle, melee, brawl, riot, commotion, disturbance;
    contest, competition
    British informal punch-up, bust-up, ruck
    British informal , Football afters
    Scottish informal rammy, swedge
    Law , dated affray
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