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  • 1 the prisoners made a desperate bid for freedom
    liberty, liberation, release, emancipation, deliverance, delivery, discharge, non-confinement, extrication; amnesty, pardoning
    historical manumission
    [Antonyms] captivity
  • 2 a national revolution was the only path to freedom
    independence, self-government, self-determination, self-legislation, self rule, home rule, sovereignty, autonomy, autarky, democracy; self-sufficiency, individualism, separation, non-alignment; emancipation, enfranchisement
    historical manumission
    [Antonyms] dependence
  • 3 they want freedom from local political accountability
    exemption, immunity, dispensation, exception, exclusion, release, relief, reprieve, absolution, exoneration; impunity
    informal letting off, a let-off
    [Antonyms] liability
  • 4 the law interfered with their freedom of expression
    right to, entitlement to; privilege, prerogative, due
  • 5 patients have more freedom to choose who treats them
    scope, latitude, leeway, margin, flexibility, facility, space, breathing space, room, elbow room; licence, leave, free rein, a free hand; leisure; Frenchcarte blanche
    [Antonyms] restriction
  • 6 I admire her freedom of manner
    naturalness, openness, lack of reserve/inhibition, casualness, informality, lack of ceremony, spontaneity, ingenuousness
  • 7 he treats her with too much freedom
    impudence; familiarity, overfamiliarity, presumption, forwardness
    informal cheek
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    eleutherophobia fear of freedom

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    freedom, liberty, independence
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