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  • 1 her glass was full
    filled, filled up, filled to capacity, filled to the brim, brimming, brimful, topped up; overflowing, running over
    [Antonyms] empty
  • 2 the bus was quite full
    crowded, packed, crammed, cramped, congested, crushed, solid (with people), full of people, full to capacity, full to bursting, overfull, teeming, swarming, overcrowded, thronged; North Americanmobbed
    British informal like Piccadilly Circus
    [Antonyms] empty
  • 3 all the seats were full
    [Antonyms] empty
  • 4 the shelves are full
    [Antonyms] empty
  • 5 he was too full to protest when the waiter took his plate away
    replete, satisfied, well fed, sated, satiated, full up, full to bursting, having had enough; gorged, glutted, cloyed
    informal stuffed
    archaic satiate, surfeited
    [Antonyms] hungry
  • 6 he was full of mirth
    [Antonyms] free of
  • 7 she'd had a full life
    eventful, interesting, exciting, lively, action-packed, noteworthy; busy, strenuous, hectic, frantic, energetic, active
    [Antonyms] uneventful limited
  • 8 we can provide a full list of sailing clubs
    [Antonyms] incomplete selective
  • 9 the prospectus contains full details of the degree courses offered
    abundant, plentiful, ample, copious, profuse, rich, lavish, liberal; detailed, in detail, specific, precise, exact, accurate, minute, particular; sufficient, satisfying; broad-ranging, complete
    [Antonyms] partial, vague
  • 10 a fire engine driven at full speed
    [Antonyms] low
  • 11 she had a full figure
    [Antonyms] thin
  • 12 the dress had a full skirt
    loose-fitting, loose, baggy, easy-fitting, generously cut, roomy, voluminous, capacious, billowing
    [Antonyms] tight
  • 13 this song relies on his full and husky voice
    [Antonyms] thin
  • 14 the full flavour of a Bordeaux
    rich, intense, deep, heavy, vivid, strong, vibrant, bold, warm
    [Antonyms] thin watery
  • adverb

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  • 1 she looked full into his face
    directly, right, straight, squarely, square, just, dead, point-blank
    [Antonyms] indirectly
  • 2 he knows full well that four out of five investments will be lost
    very, perfectly, quite, extremely, entirely
    informal darn, damn, damned
    British informal jolly, bloody
    North American informal darned
    archaic or Northern Englishright
  • Phrases

    full out

    he was working full out to supply the demandto the maximumflat outat full speedat maximum speedas fast as possiblewith maximum powerat full tiltat full peltat breakneck speed informalhell for leatherhammer and tongslike crazylike madlike a bat out of hellBritish informallike the clapperslike billy-o


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    in full

    my letter was published in full
    [Antonyms] in part partially
    in its entiretyin totalwithout omission/abridgementunabridgeduncutfullyLatinin toto

    to the full

    do your best to live life to the fullfullythoroughlycompletelyto the utmostto capacityto the limitto the maximumfor all one's worthwith a vengeancewith all the stops out

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