Synonyms of fullness in English:



  • 1 the honesty and fullness of the information they provide
    [Antonyms] incompleteness
  • 2 the fullness of her body
    [Antonyms] thinness
  • 3 the recording has a fullness and warmth
    resonance, richness, depth, vibrancy, fruitiness, clarity, intensity, loudness, strength
    [Antonyms] weakness, thinness
  • Phrases

    in the fullness of time

    I hoped my ploy would get results in the fullness of time
    [Antonyms] immediately, never
    in due course, when the time is ripe, eventually, in time, in time to come, at a later date, one day, some day, sooner or later, in a while, after a while, after a bit, ultimately, finally, in the end
    British informal at the end of the day

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