Synonyms of gang in English:



  • 1 a gang of teenagers
    band, group, crowd, pack, horde, throng, mob, herd, swarm, multitude, mass, body, troop, drove, cluster; company, gathering, assemblage, assembly
    informal posse, bunch, gaggle, load
  • 2 informal John was one of our gang
    circle, social circle, social set, group of friends, clique, in-crowd, coterie, lot, ring, clan, club, league, faction, cabal; fraternity, sorority, brotherhood, sisterhood
    informal crew, posse
  • 3 a work gang hammering cobbles into the highway
    squad, team, troop, shift, detachment, posse, troupe; working party
  • verb

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    gang up

    they all ganged up to put me downconspirecooperatework togetheract togethercombinejoin upjoin forcesteam upclub togetherget togetheruniteally rarecoact

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