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Synonyms of gay in English:


  • 1 an organization for gay youngsters
    homosexual, lesbian, sapphic, lesbigay, GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered)
    rare homophile, Uranian
    informal pink, lavender, camp, lezzy, les, lesbo, butch, dykey
    informal, derogatory queer, limp-wristed, that way, swinging the other way, homo
    British informal, derogatory bent, poofy
    North American informal, derogatory fruity
    [Antonyms] heterosexual, straight
  • 2 dated her children all looked chubby and gay
    cheerful, cheery, merry, jolly, light-hearted, mirthful, jovial, glad, happy, bright, in good spirits, in high spirits, joyful, elated, exuberant, animated, lively, sprightly, vivacious, buoyant, bouncy, bubbly, perky, effervescent, playful, frolicsome
    informal chirpy, on top of the world, as happy as a sandboy
    North American informal as happy as a clam
    [Antonyms] gloomy
  • 3 dated they were having a gay old time
    jolly, merry, convivial, hilarious, amusing, uproarious, rollicking, entertaining, enjoyable;
    [Antonyms] dull
  • 4 dated the windows sported gay checked curtains
    bright, brightly coloured, vivid, brilliant, rich, vibrant;
    richly coloured, many-coloured, multicoloured;
    flamboyant, gaudy
    [Antonyms] drab
  • noun

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  • in Denmark gays can marry in church
    homosexual, lesbian, gay person, lesbigay
    informal queen, friend of Dorothy, dyke, les, lesbo, lezzie, butch, femme
    informal, derogatory queer, homo, pansy, nancy, bumboy, nelly
    British informal, derogatory poof, poofter, ponce, jessie, woofter, shirtlifter, bender
    North American informal, derogatory cupcake, swish, twinkie
    Australian informal wonk
    South African informal, derogatory moffie
    West Indian informal, derogatory batty boy, batty man
    [Antonyms] heterosexual, straight
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    Gay meaning ‘homosexual’ became established in the 1960s as the term preferred by homosexual men. It is now the standard accepted term throughout the English-speaking world. As a result, the centuries-old other senses of gay meaning either ‘carefree’ or ‘bright and showy’ have more or less dropped out of natural use. The word gay cannot be readily used today in these older senses without double entendre, despite attempts to keep them alive.Gay in its modern sense typically refers to men (lesbian being the standard term for homosexual women) but in some contexts it can be used of both men and women.
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