Synonyms of general in English:



  • 1 they are moderately priced and suitable for general use
    widespread, common, extensive, universal, wide, popular, public, mainstream, prevalent, prevailing, rife, established, well established, conventional, traditional, traditionalist, orthodox, accepted;
    in circulation, in force, in vogue
    [Antonyms] restricted
  • 2 a general pay increase
    [Antonyms] localized
  • 3 a general store general knowledge
    [Antonyms] specialist
  • 4 it is the general practice for players to receive all the prize money
    [Antonyms] exceptional
  • 5 most guidebooks give only a general description of the island
    North American informal ballpark
    [Antonyms] detailed
  • Phrases

    in general

  • 1 he was in general an excellent friend
    generally, normally, as a (general) rule, in the general run of things, by and large, more often than not, almost always, in the main, mainly, mostly, for the most part, in most cases, most of the time, predominantly, on the whole;
    [Antonyms] occasionally
  • 2 we want the public in general to understand the public health issues
    as a whole, as a body, generally, at large, in the main
    [Antonyms] in particular, specifically
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