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  • 3 a baby given into their care
    entrust, commit, put into someone's hands, consign, assign, render
    formal commend
  • 5 he decided to give her time to think things over
    allow, permit, let have, grant, accord; offer
  • 6 this leaflet gives our opening times
    show, display, set out, set forth, indicate, detail, give details of, list
  • 7 the animals became docile and gave no further trouble
    cause, be a source of, make, create, occasion
  • 8 some salamis are wrapped in garlic which gives additional flavour
    produce, yield, afford, result in; impart, lend
  • 9 he gave a drinks party to celebrate
    organize, arrange, lay on, provide, be responsible for; throw, host, hold, have
  • 13 the door gave after the fifth push
    give way, cave in, collapse, break, fall apart, come apart; bend, buckle, sink


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give someone/something away

give in

in the end, he was forced to give in
[Antonyms] hold out
capitulateadmit/concede defeatgive upsurrenderyieldsubmitclimb downback downgive waydeferacquiescerelentsuccumbcomply informalthrow in the towel/sponge

give something off/out

a small fire burned, giving off more smoke than heat emitproducesend outsend forthpour outthrow outdischargereleaseexudeexhalevent rareexsufflate

give out

  • 1 his strength was giving out
    run out, be used up, be consumed, be exhausted, be depleted, come to an end, fail, flag; dry up

give something out

thousands of leaflets were given out
[Antonyms] collect
distributeissuehand outpass rounddole outdispensemete outallocateallotapportionassignshare outparcel outdisseminate informaldish out

give rise to

give up

he isn't the kind of man to give up easily admit defeatconcede defeatstop tryingcall it a daygive insurrendercapitulatebe beatendespairlose heartabandon hopegive up hope informalthrow in the towel/spongeAustralian informaldrop one's bundle

give something up

I'm determined to give up smoking she gave up her job
[Antonyms] take up, continue
stopceasediscontinuedesist fromswear offforbear fromabstain fromcut outrenounceforswearforgoabandonhave done withresign fromstand down from informalquitkickleave offknock offpack inlay offjack inchuckditch

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