Synonyms of give in English:



  • 1 he had given them nearly two thousand pounds
    present with, provide with, supply with, furnish with, gift with; hand, let someone have; offer, proffer; award, grant, bestow, accord, confer; donate, contribute, put up; hand over, turn over, make over, leave, will, bequeath, pledge, vouchsafe; lend, slip
    informal fork out, shell out, lay out, cough up
    British informal stump up
    North American informal ante up, pony up
    [Antonyms] receive accept take, withhold
  • 2 can I give him a message?
    convey, pass on, impart, communicate, transmit, transfer; send, deliver, relay, purvey; tell
  • 3 a baby given into their care
    entrust, commit, put into someone's hands, consign, assign, render
    formal commend
  • 4 he gave his life for his country
    sacrifice, give up, relinquish; devote, dedicate, set aside
  • 5 he decided to give her time to think things over
    allow, permit, let have, grant, accord; offer
  • 6 this leaflet gives our opening times
    show, display, set out, set forth, indicate, detail, give details of, list
  • 7 the animals became docile and gave no further trouble
    cause, be a source of, make, create, occasion
  • 8 some salamis are wrapped in garlic which gives additional flavour
    produce, yield, afford, result in; impart, lend
  • 9 he gave a drinks party to celebrate
    organize, arrange, lay on, provide, be responsible for; throw, host, hold, have
  • 10 Dominic gave a small bow
    perform, execute, carry out; make, do
  • 11 she gave a warning shout
    utter, let out, emit; produce, make
  • 12 he gave Harry a beating
    administer, deliver, deal; inflict, impose
  • 13 the door gave after the fifth push
    give way, cave in, collapse, break, fall apart, come apart; bend, buckle, sink
  • Phrases

    give someone/something away

  • 1 his face gave little away
    reveal, disclose, divulge, let slip, leak, let out; give the game away
  • 2 Luke would never forgive her if she gave him away
    betray, inform on; English Lawturn Queen's/King's evidence
    informal split on, blow the whistle on, rat on, peach on, stitch up, do the dirty on, sell down the river, squeal on, squeak on
    British informal grass on, shop, sneak on
    North American informal rat out, drop a/the dime on, finger, job
    Australian/New Zealand informal dob on, pimp on, pool, shelf, put someone's pot on, point the bone at
  • give in

    in the end, he was forced to give in
    [Antonyms] hold out
    capitulateadmit/concede defeatgive upsurrenderyieldsubmitclimb downback downgive waydeferacquiescerelentsuccumbcomply informalthrow in the towel/sponge

    give something off/out

    a small fire burned, giving off more smoke than heatemitproducesend outsend forthpour outthrow outdischargereleaseexudeexhalevent rareexsufflate

    give out

  • 1 his strength was giving out
    run out, be used up, be consumed, be exhausted, be depleted, come to an end, fail, flag; dry up
  • 2 he gave out that he would hold a meeting
  • give something out

    thousands of leaflets were given out
    [Antonyms] collect
    distributeissuehand outpass rounddole outdispensemete outallocateallotapportionassignshare outparcel outdisseminate informaldish out

    give rise to

  • 1 usually this principle would not give rise to any problems
    produce, bring about, cause, occasion, generate, engender, lead to, result in, effect, induce, initiate, start, set off; contribute to, make for, be conducive to, foster, promote; provoke, precipitate, breed, spark off, trigger
    literary beget
  • give up

    he isn't the kind of man to give up easilyadmit defeatconcede defeatstop tryingcall it a daygive insurrendercapitulatebe beatendespairlose heartabandon hopegive up hope informalthrow in the towel/spongeAustralian informaldrop one's bundle

    give something up

    I'm determined to give up smoking she gave up her job
    [Antonyms] take up, continue
    stopceasediscontinuedesist fromswear offforbear fromabstain fromcut outrenounceforswearforgoabandonhave done withresign fromstand down from informalquitkickleave offknock offpack inlay offjack inchuckditch


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  • informal the jacket has a major drawback—there isn't enough give under the arms
    elasticity, flexibility, stretch, stretchiness; slack, play
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