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  • 2 the road goes to London
    extend, continue, carry on, stretch, reach; lead
  • 3 the money raised will go to charity
    be given, be donated, be assigned, be allotted, be granted, be presented, be awarded; be applied, be devoted; be handed (over), be turned over, be made over, be ceded
  • 7 25 of their 80 staff have gone
    be dismissed, be given (one's) notice, be made redundant, be laid off, be let go
    informal get the sack, be sacked, be fired, be given the boot, be given the push, get one's marching orders, be booted out, be axed, get the axe/chop
    British informal be given one's cards
  • 9 after a few weeks, all our money had gone
    be used up, be spent, be finished, be at an end, be exhausted, be consumed, be drained, be depleted
  • 11 there was no warning at all before the bridge went
    collapse, give way, fall down, cave in, fall in, crumble, disintegrate, break, fall to pieces
  • 14 the carpet and curtains don't really go
    match, go together, be harmonious, harmonize, blend, suit each other, be suited, complement each other, be complementary, coordinate with each other, be compatible
  • 16 where does the cutlery go?
    be kept, belong, have a place, be found, be located; be situated, lie, stand
  • 17 this all goes to prove my point
    contribute, help, serve; incline, tend


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get going

get someone going

his letter to the editor really got me going stir uprousearouseexcitegalvanizeelectrifystimulateinspiremovefire upfire the enthusiasm offire the imagination ofwhip upinflameagitategoadprovokespur onurgeencourageanimateincite

get something going

we got the car going again after much trying operateswitch onturn onstartstart offstart upset goingtrigger offtriggertripset in motionactivateactuateinitiateinitializeenergizeanimate

go about

Ruth went about her tasks enthusiastically set aboutbeginembark onmake a start onstartaddress oneself toget down toget to work onget going onundertakeapproachtackleattack informalget cracking on/with formalcommence

go along with

he seemed happy enough to go along with your plans agree to/withfall in withcomply withconcur withcooperate withacquiesce inassent tofollowsubmit tobow toyield todefer to

go away

just go away and leave me in peace
[Antonyms] return
leavegodepartget goingget outbe off with youshoo informalscrambe on your wayrun alongbeat itskedaddlesplitvamoosescatget lostpush offbuzz offshove offclear offgo (and) jump in the lakeBritish informalhop itbog offnaff offon your bikeget alongsling your hookNorth American informalbug offlight outhaul offhaul asstake a powderhit the trailtake a hikeAustralian informalnick offAustralian/New Zealand informalrack offSouth African informalvoetsakhamba vulgar slangbugger offpiss offfuck offBritish vulgar slangsod off literarybegoneavaunt

go back on

she went back on her promise
[Antonyms] keep honour
renege onbreakfail to honourdefault onbacktrack onback out ofrepudiateretractgo back on one's wordbreak one's wordbreak one's promisedo an about-face informalcop out (of)rat on

go by

we have to go by the referee's decision
[Antonyms] flout
obeyabide bycomply withobservekeep toconform tofollowbe guided byheedtake as a guidedefer torespect

go down

  • 1 the ship went down in a storm
    sink, be submerged, founder, go under
  • 2 interest rates are going down
    decrease, get lower, fall, drop, be reduced, decline; plummet, plunge, slump
    interest rates are going down
    [Antonyms] rise
  • 3 informal they went down 2–1 in the first leg
    lose, be beaten, be defeated, suffer defeat, be vanquished, collapse, come to grief
    informal they went down 2–1 in the first leg
    [Antonyms] win
  • 4 his name will go down in history
    be remembered, be recorded, be commemorated, be immortalized

go down well

the production went down well with the audience be successfulbe a successachieve successtriumphmake an impressionhave an impactget an enthusiastic reception informalbe a hitbe a winnerbe a sell-outgo down a stormscore

go down with

British she's gone down with flu fall ill withgetdevelopcontractpick upsuccumb tofall victim tobe struck down withbecome infected with informaltake ill withNorth American informaltake sick with

go far

you're a smart girl—you'll go far be successfulsucceedbe a successdo well (for oneself)do all right for oneselfmake progressachieve a great dealget onget somewhereget on in the worldget aheadadvance oneselfmake goodset the world on fire informalmake a name for oneselfmake itmake one's markfind a place in the sun

go for

  • 3 Philip's seeing Sarah—he goes for older women
    be attracted to, find attractive, like, fancy; prefer, favour, choose, be drawn to, gravitate towards
    informal have a thing about
    Philip's seeing Sarah—he goes for older women
    [Antonyms] dislike

go in for

we don't normally go in for this sort of thing take part inparticipate inbe a participant inengage inget involved injoin inenter intooccupy oneself withplay a part inbe a party toundertakepractisepursuetake upespouseadoptembrace

go into

you'll need to go into the subject in greater detail investigateexamineenquire intolook intoresearchstudyprobeexploredelve intotry to get to the bottom ofdiscussconsiderreviewanalyseweigh up

go off

  • 2British the milk's gone off
    go bad, go stale, go sour, turn, spoil, go rancid; decompose, go mouldy, be rotten; be past its sell-by date

go on

go out

  • 1 the lights went out the fire had gone out
    be turned off, be extinguished; stop burning, die out, be doused, be quenched
  • 2 he's been going out with her for about two months
    see, take out, be someone's boyfriend/girlfriend, be romantically involved with, go around with, keep company
    informal date, go steady with, go with
    Australian informal track square with
    British informal , • dated walk out with
    North American informal , • dated step out with
    dated court, woo

go over

go round

  • 2 there's a nasty rumour going round
    be spread, be passed round, be circulated, be put about, be in circulation, circulate, pass round, be disseminated, be broadcast

go through

  • 5 the deal has finally gone through
    be completed, be concluded, be brought to a conclusion, be carried through, be brought off, be pulled off; be approved, be signed, be rubber-stamped

go under

over 1,000 businesses went under in the last three months go bankruptcease tradinggo into receivershipgo into liquidationbecome insolventbe liquidatedbe wound upbe closed (down)be shut (down)fail informalgo brokego to the wallgo belly upfoldflatline

go without

  • 2 she tried to make sure the children did not go without
    lack for something, go short, go hungry, be in need, be deprived, be in want, suffer deprivation


have a go at

British informal
his dad had had a real go at him attackcensurecriticizedenouncecondemnarraignfind fault withlambastepillorydisapprove ofcarp atcavil atrail againstinveigh againstcast aspersions onpour scorn ondisparagedenigratedeprecatemalignvilifybesmirchrun downgive a bad press toNorth Americanslur informalknockpanslamhammerblastbad-mouthnitpick aboutthrow brickbats atgive flak tolay intolace intopull to piecespull apartpick holes inhit out atmaulsavageroastskewercrucifyBritish informalslag offgive some stick toslatemonsterrubbishNorth American informalpummelcut uptrashAustralian/New Zealand informalbag datedrate archaicslashvituperate againstreprobate rareanimadvert onobjurgateexcoriateaspersederogatereprehend

on the go

she hardly has time to watch TV because she's always on the go busyoccupiedemployedhard at workwrapped uprushed off one's feet (with)hard-pressedat work (on)on the jobabsorbed inengrossed inimmersed inpreoccupied withactivelivelyindustriousbustlingenergetictireless informalbusy as a beehard at itBritish informalon the hop

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