Synonyms of grant in English:



  • 1 he granted them leave of absence
    allow, accord, permit, afford, concede, vouchsafe
    [Antonyms] refuse
  • 2 the programme granted them £20 million
  • 3 I grant that the difference is not absolute
    admit, accept, concede, yield, cede, allow, appreciate, recognize, acknowledge, confess; agree, concur, go along with
    [Antonyms] deny
  • Phrases

    take something for granted

    they took it for granted that we knew what we were doingassumepresumesupposetake ittake as readtake it as givenpresupposeconjecturesurmiseconcludecome to the conclusiondeduceinferdraw the inferencereckonreasonguessimaginethinkfancysuspectexpectacceptbelievebe of the opinionunderstandbe given to understandgathergleanNorth Americanfigure formalopine archaicween


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  • he has received a grant for equipment from the council
    endowment, subvention, award, donation, bursary, contribution, allowance, subsidy, handout, allocation, allotment, gift, present; scholarship, sponsorship; stipend
    formal benefaction
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