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Synonyms of great in English:


  • 1 academics waited with great interest for the book
    considerable, substantial, pronounced, sizeable, significant, appreciable, serious, exceptional, inordinate, extraordinary, special
    [Antonyms] little
  • 2 a great expanse of water
    large, big, extensive, expansive, broad, wide, sizeable, ample, spacious;
    vast, immense, huge, enormous, gigantic, massive, colossal, mammoth, monstrous, prodigious, tremendous, stupendous, unlimited, boundless, cosmic
    informal humongous, whopping, whopping great, thumping, thumping great, dirty great
    British informal whacking, whacking great, ginormous
    [Antonyms] small
  • 3 a great big house
    very, extremely, exceedingly, exceptionally, especially, tremendously, immensely, extraordinarily, remarkably, really, truly
    informal dirty
  • 4 you great fool!
  • 5 the great writers of the Romantic age
    leading, top, high, high-ranking, chief, major, main, principal, central;
    gifted, talented;
    outstanding, foremost, remarkable, exceptional, highly rated, first-rate, incomparable, superlative, unsurpassed, unexcelled, matchless, peerless, star, arch-
    North American informal major league
    [Antonyms] minor
  • 6 a great power with a formidable navy
    powerful, dominant, influential, strong, potent, formidable, redoubtable;
    leading, important, illustrious, top-rank, of the first rank, first rate;
    [Antonyms] minor
  • 7 the great castle of Montellana-Coronil
    [Antonyms] modest
  • 8 he's a great sportsman
    [Antonyms] poor
  • 9 I'm not really a great follower of fashion
    enthusiastic, eager, keen, zealous, devoted, ardent, fervent, fanatical, passionate, dedicated, diligent, assiduous, intent, habitual, active, vehement, hearty, wholehearted, committed, warm
    [Antonyms] unenthusiastic
  • 10 he's having a great time
    pleasant, congenial, diverting;
    British informal brilliant, brill, champion, bosting
    Australian/New Zealand informal bonzer, beaut
    British informal, , dated capital, wizard, corking, spiffing, ripping, cracking, top-hole, topping, champion, beezer
    North American informal, , dated swell
    [Antonyms] bad
  • 11 the great thing is to regret nothing
    momentous, weighty, dominant, consequential
    informal number one
    [Antonyms] inessential
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