Synonyms of grip in English:



  • 1 she gripped the edge of the table
    grasp, clutch, hold, clasp, grasp/take/lay hold of, latch on to, grab, seize, clench, cling to, catch, catch at, get one's hands on, pluck; squeeze, press
    archaic gripe
    [Antonyms] release, hold lightly
  • 2 Harry was gripped by a sneezing fit
    afflict, affect, take over, beset, rack, torment, convulse
  • 3 we were gripped by the drama
    [Antonyms] repel, bore
  • noun

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  • 1 she never released her grip on the handrail
    grasp, hold, clutch, clasp, clench
    archaic gripe
  • 2 the car's back wheels lost all grip on the slick surface
    traction, purchase, friction, adhesion, resistance
  • 3 he was in the grip of an obsession he was powerless to resist
    control, power, mastery, hold, stranglehold, clutches, domination, dominion, command, influence, possession; rule, tyranny, evil embrace
  • 4 he took Moran's hand in a firm grip
    handshake, hand grip, hand clasp
  • 5 he was having difficulty getting a grip on what she was saying
    understanding of, comprehension of, perception of, awareness of, grasp of, apprehension of, conception of, realization of, knowledge of, cognizance of, ken of, mastery of, command of; insight into, familiarity with
  • 6 she watched him pack his grip
    travelling bag, bag, holdall, overnight bag, overnighter, flight bag, kitbag, Gladstone bag, valise, portmanteau
  • 7 he was offered a job as a grip at the studio
    stagehand, theatrical assistant
  • Phrases

    come/get to grips with

    it's time the council got to grips with this problem
    [Antonyms] avoid
    deal withcope withhandlegraspgrasp the nettle oftackleundertaketake ongrapple withcontend withclose withfaceface up tomeet head onconfrontencountertake the bit between one's teeth

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