Synonyms of gross in English:



  • 1 I feel gross and even my legs feel flabby
    obese, corpulent, overweight, fat, big, large, outsize, outsized, massive, immense, huge, colossal, fleshy, flabby, portly, bloated, bulky, lumpish
    British informal podgy, fubsy
    North American vulgar slang lard-assed
    [Antonyms] slender
  • 2 they used gross insults to intimidate her
    [Antonyms] pure
  • 3 don't go throwing yourself at men of gross natures
    boorish, loutish, oafish, thuggish, brutish, bearish, Neanderthal, philistine, coarse, uncouth, unsavoury, crass, vulgar, common, unrefined, unsophisticated, uncultured, uncultivated, undiscriminating, tasteless, insensitive, unfeeling, imperceptive, callous
    British informal yobbish
    Australian/New Zealand informal ocker
    [Antonyms] refined
  • 5 the report is a gross distortion of the truth
    flagrant, blatant, glaring, obvious, overt, evident, conspicuous; naked, barefaced, shameless, brazen, audacious, brass-necked; undisguised, unconcealed, patent, transparent, manifest, palpable; out and out, utter, complete; outrageous, scandalous, shocking, disgraceful, reprehensible, dreadful, terrible; enormous, heinous, atrocious, monstrous, wicked, iniquitous, villainous
    archaic arrant
    [Antonyms] minor
  • 6 tax is deducted from their gross income
    total, whole, entire, complete, full, overall, comprehensive, aggregate; before deductions, before tax
    [Antonyms] net
  • verb

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  • he grosses over a million dollars a month
    earn, make, bring in, take, get, receive, fetch, draw, collect
    informal rake in, pull in, haul in, bag
  • Phrases

    gross out

    North American informal
    luckily he wasn't one to get grossed out by blooddisgustrevoltrepelrepulsesickennauseatecause to feel nauseousmake shudderturn someone's stomachmake someone's gorge risebe repugnant tobe repulsive tobe distasteful to informalturn offmake someone want to throw up

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