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Synonyms of guard in English:


  • 1 the infantry guarded the barricaded bridge
    protect, stand guard over, watch over, look after, keep an eye on, take care of, cover, patrol, police, defend, shield, safeguard, preserve, save, keep safe, secure, screen, shelter;
    fortify, garrison, barricade;
    man, occupy
  • 2 the prisoners were guarded by armed men
    keep under surveillance, keep under guard, keep watch over, mind, supervise, restrain, control
  • 3 the forest wardens have to guard against poachers
    beware of, keep watch for, be alert to, take care for, keep an eye out for, be on the alert for, be on the qui vive for, be on the lookout for
    informal keep one's eyes peeled/skinned for
  • noun

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  • 1 they were caught by border guards
    scout, lookout, watch;
    informal bouncer
    archaic watchman
  • 2 she slipped easily past her prison guard
    informal screw
    Law  detainer
    archaic turnkey
  • 3 he let his guard slip and they escaped
    vigilance, vigil, watch, close watch, monitoring, policing, surveillance, sentry duty;
    watchfulness, caution, heed, attention, care, wariness
  • 4 all machines must be fitted with a guard
    safety guard, safety device, protective device, shield, bulwark, screen, fence, fender, bumper, buffer, cushion, pad
  • Phrases

    off (one's) guard
    he was caught off guard when the man charged towards him
    [Antonyms] prepared
    unprepared, unready, inattentive, unwary, unwatchful, with one's defences down, by surprise, cold, unsuspecting
    informal napping, asleep on the job, asleep at the wheel, on the hop
    on one's guard
    police are urging horse owners to be on their guard
    [Antonyms] inattentive
    vigilant, alert, on the alert, wary, watchful, cautious, careful, heedful, chary, circumspect, on the lookout, on the qui vive, on one's toes, prepared, ready, wideawake, attentive, observant, keeping one's eyes peeled
    informal all ears, beady-eyed, on the ball, not missing a trick, keeping a weather eye on things, cagey, leery
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