Synonyms of guy in English:



  • 1 informal he's quite a handsome guy
    man, fellow, gentleman;
    lad, youth, boy;
    informal fella, geezer, gent, character, customer, creature, sort, type
    British informal chap, bloke, bod
    North American informal dude, hombre
    Australian/New Zealand informal digger, bastard
    South African informal ou, oom, oke
    Indian informal admi
    British informal , dated cove
    British vulgar slang sod, bugger
    archaic wight
    Scottish archaic carl
  • 2British the kids asked passing workers for pennies for the guy
    effigy of Guy Fawkes;
    effigy, figure, representation, likeness, image, model, dummy
  • verb

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  • he didn't realize I was guying the whole idea See ridicule (verb)
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