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Synonyms of half in English:


  • half a bar of chocolate
    fifty per cent of, bisection of
    [Antonyms] all
  • Phrases

    by halves
    he operated on a grand scale and never did anything by halves
    [Antonyms] thoroughly
    incompletely, imperfectly, inadequately, insufficiently, partially, scrappily, skimpily, to a limited extent/degree
    too … by half
    Rosemary is too clever by half
    unduly, overly, excessively, exceedingly, inordinately, disproportionately, far too, to too great an extent/degree, by an excessive amount;
    enormously, considerably, uncommonly, very, ultra-
    informal too-too


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  • he ate a half grapefruit for breakfast
    halved, divided in two, part, partial;
    bisected, in two equal parts/portions
    [Antonyms] whole
  • adverb

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  • 1 the chicken is half cooked
    partially, partly, incompletely, inadequately, insufficiently, slightly, barely, in part, part, to a limited extent/degree, in some measure;
    not totally, not wholly, not entirely, not fully
    [Antonyms] completely
  • 2 I am half inclined to believe you
    to a certain extent/degree, to a limited extent/degree, to some extent/degree, (up) to a point, in part, partly, in some measure;
    almost, nearly, very nearly, just about, all but
    informal ish
    [Antonyms] fully
  • Phrases

    not half
  • 1 that doesn't half make you feel old!
  • 2 the players are not half bad
    not at all, not a bit, not in any way, by no means, absolutely not, most certainly not, not for a moment, not nearly, not the slightest bit, to no extent
  • informal

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