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Synonyms of hand in English:


  • 1 big, strong hands
    fist, palm
    informalpaw, mitt, duke, hook, meat hook
    Scottish & Northern English nieve
    technicalmanus, metacarpus
    [Antonyms] foot
  • 2 the clock's second hand
  • 3 (hands) the concentration of wealth in the hands of the entrepreneurial class
    command, responsibility, guardianship, management, care, supervision, jurisdiction;
  • 4 come and give me a hand with the tidying up
    a good turn, a favour, a kindness
    [Antonyms] hindrance
  • 5 informal his fans gave him a big hand
    round of applause, clap, handclap, ovation, standing ovation;
    applause, handclapping, praise, acclaim
    [Antonyms] booing, catcalls
  • 6 the document was written in his own hand
  • 7 a factory hand
    worker, factory worker, manual worker, unskilled worker, blue-collar worker, workman, workwoman, workperson, working man, labourer, operative, hired hand, hireling, roustabout, employee, artisan;
    farmhand, farm worker, field hand;
    Spanish-American peon;
    Australian/New Zealand rouseabout;
  • Phrases

    at hand

  • 1 you need to keep the manual close at hand
    readily available, available, handy, to hand, near at hand, within reach, accessible, ready, close, close by, near, nearby, at the ready, at one's fingertips, at one's disposal, convenient
    informalget-at-able, on tap
    [Antonyms] far away
  • 2 the time for starting the campaign is at hand
    imminent, close at hand, approaching, forthcoming, coming, coming soon, about to happen, nearly on us, just around the corner, on the horizon;
    [Antonyms] a long time away
  • by hand

    each chocolate is decorated by hand
    [Antonyms] by machine
    manually, with one's hands, using one's hands, not by machine, not mechanically, freehand

    from hand to mouth

    they live from hand to mouth—from one benefit day to the next
    [Antonyms] securely, without financial worries
    precariously, from day to day, not knowing where one's next meal is coming from, uncertainly, insecurely, in poverty, meagrely;
    British on the breadline

    get/lay one's hands on

    I haven't got my hands on a copy yet thieves break into parked vehicles and steal anything they can lay their hands on
    obtain, acquire, come by, secure, procure, come into possession of, pick up, be given;
    gain, derive, earn, achieve, attain, win, draw, reap;
    informalget/lay hold of, get one's mitts on, grab, bag, land, net
    British informalblag
    South African informalschlenter

    hand in glove

    they were working hand in glove with our enemies
    in close collaboration, in close association, in close cooperation, very closely, closely together, in partnership, in league, in collusion
    informalin cahoots

    hand in hand

  • 1 two small children were walking hand in hand
    holding hands, clasping hands, with hands clasped, with hands joined;
  • 2 poverty goes hand in hand with war
    in close association, closely together, together, in partnership, closely, conjointly, concurrently, side by side, in concert
  • hands down

    we won hands down
    [Antonyms] with difficulty
    easily, effortlessly, with ease, with no trouble, with very little trouble, without effort, with very little effort
    informalby a mile, no sweat

    have a hand in something

    the girls had a hand in writing the lyrics
    play a part in, contribute to, be a factor in, be (partly) responsible for

    in hand

  • 1 the task in hand
    being dealt with, receiving attention, being attended to, under way;
  • 2 we have money in hand to cover next month's expenses
    available for use, ready, available, put by;
    spare, in reserve
  • old hand

    whether you are a novice gardener or an old hand
    expert, past master, virtuoso, master, wizard, genius, artist, adept, professional, doyen, veteran, maestro, connoisseur, authority, grandmaster, master hand, skilled person
    informalace, buff, pro, star, whizz, hotshot
    British informaldab hand
    North American informalmaven, crackerjack

    on hand

    police and volunteers were on hand to keep things running smoothly
    ready, at the ready, available, accessible, handy, at one's fingertips;
    prepared, primed, on standby, standing by, on stand-to, on call, on full alert
    informalon tap

    out of hand

    the situation was getting out of hand
    [Antonyms] manageable, controllable

    take someone/something in hand

    their parents are incapable of taking their children in hand matters have to be taken in hand
    deal with, handle, manage, cope with, tackle, take care of, take charge of, attend to, give one's attention to, see to, sort out

    to hand

    the bullies pelted us with anything that was to hand
    readily available, available, handy, near at hand, within reach, accessible, ready, close, close by, near, nearby, at the ready, at one's fingertips, at one's disposal, convenient

    try one's hand

    I would like to try my hand at bonsai
    make an attempt at, have a shot at;
    informalhave a go at, have a crack at, have a stab at, have a bash at, give something a whirl


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  • 1 he handed each man a glass
    pass, give, reach, let someone have, throw, toss;
    informalchuck, bung
    [Antonyms] take away from
  • 2 he handed him into a carriage
    assist, help, aid, give someone a hand, give someone a helping hand, give someone assistance;
    guide, convey, conduct, lead
  • Phrases

    hand something down

    the family jewellery is handed down from generation to generation
    bequeath, will, leave, leave in one's will, make over, endow, gift, transfer, give, transmit;
    Law demise, devise

    hand something on

    the drugs were handed on to a dealer
    [Antonyms] receive
    give, pass, hand, transfer, grant, cede, surrender, relinquish;
    part with, let go of;
    bequeath, will, leave

    hand something out

    the attendant handed out prayer books
    [Antonyms] collect in
    distribute, hand round, give out, give round, pass out, pass round, share out, dole out, dish out, deal out, mete out, issue, circulate, dispense;
    allocate, allot, apportion, disburse, disseminate

    hand something over

    it is suggested that he might hand over power to his son
    [Antonyms] keep
    yield, give, give up, pass, grant, entrust, surrender, relinquish, cede, turn over, deliver up, forfeit, sacrifice;
    confer on, bestow on

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