Synonyms of harsh in English:



  • 2 drenched in a harsh white neon light harsh colours
    glaring, bright, dazzling, brilliant; loud, flashy, garish, gaudy, lurid, bold, showy, crude, vulgar
    [Antonyms] subdued
  • 3 during his harsh rule, thousands were exiled
    [Antonyms] enlightened, kind
  • 4 politicians are taking harsh measures to clear the homeless from the streets
    severe, stringent, firm, austere, punitive, draconian, stiff, cruel, brutal, hard, stern, rigid, rigorous, grim, uncompromising, inflexible
    [Antonyms] lenient
  • 5 harsh words are exchanged when tempers get frayed
    rude, discourteous, uncivil, impolite, unfriendly, sharp, acerbic, bitter, abusive, unkind, disparaging; abrupt, brusque, blunt, curt, gruff, short, surly, ungracious, disrespectful, ill-mannered, bad-mannered, offhand
    [Antonyms] friendly
  • 6 the harsh conditions of the refugee camps
    austere, grim, spartan, hard, rough, severe, comfortless, inhospitable, stark; bleak, desolate, barren, bitter, wild
    [Antonyms] comfortable
  • 7 a harsh winter
    hard, severe, cold, bitter, bitterly cold, bleak, freezing, icy, icy-cold, arctic, polar, Siberian, glacial, extreme, nasty
    [Antonyms] balmy
  • 8 harsh cleaners scratch stains away
    abrasive, strong, caustic; coarse, rough, bristly, hairy, scratchy
    [Antonyms] mild, smooth
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