Synonyms of hat in English:



  • British informal titfer
  • Phrases

    keep something under one's hat

    at the moment it's all a bit hush-hush, so keep it under your hat
    [Antonyms] show disclose confess
    concealhidecover updisguisedissemblemaskveilkeep secretkeep quiet aboutkeep darkhush updraw a veil oversweep under the carpetgloss oversuppressrepressbottle upbury informalkeep a/the lid on

    old hat

    something that is exceedingly popular today is usually old hat by tomorrow
    [Antonyms] modern up to date fashionable
    out of dateoutdateddatedold-fashionedoutout of fashionoutmodedunfashionablelast year'sfrumpishfrumpyout of styleoutwornoldold-timeold-worldbehind the timesarchaicobsolescentobsoleteancientantiquatedsuperannuateddefunctmedievalprehistoricantediluvianold-fogeyishold-fangledconservativebackward-lookingquaintanachronisticcrustedfeudalfustymoth-eatenolde worldeFrenchpassédémodévieux jeu informalsquarenot with itout of the arkcreakymouldyNorth American informalhorse-and-buggyclunkyrinky-dinkmossy archaicsquare-toed

    take one's hat off to

    he was truly magnificent and I take my hat off to himpraisepay tribute tosing the praises ofspeak highly ofexpress admiration ofcommendacclaimapplaudsalutehonourshow appreciation ofappreciaterecognizeacknowledgegive recognition toshow gratitude tobe grateful forpay homage toextol rarelaud

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