Synonyms of heal in English:



  • 1 his concern is to heal sick people
    make better, make well, cure, treat successfully, restore to health, get someone back on their feet, put someone on the road to recovery; make good, mend, remedy, restore
    [Antonyms] make worse
  • 2 he would have to wait until his knee had healed
    get better, get well, be cured, become healthy, recover, mend, be on the mend, improve, show improvement, be restored
    [Antonyms] get worse
  • 3 time will eventually heal the pain of grief
    [Antonyms] aggravate
  • 4 we've been trying to heal the rift between them
    put right, set right, put to rights, repair, remedy, resolve, correct, settle, make good, patch up, soothe, conciliate, reconcile, harmonize
    [Antonyms] worsen
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