Synonyms of heart in English:



  • 1 his heart had stopped beating
    informal ticker
  • 2 he poured out his heart to me she captured my heart
    emotions, feelings, sentiments, soul, mind, bosom, breast; love, affection, passion; sympathy, pity, concern, compassion
  • 3 he has no heart
  • 4 they may lose heart as the work mounts up
    enthusiasm, keenness, eagerness, spirit, determination, resolution, resolve, purpose, courage, backbone, spine, nerve, stomach, will, will power, fortitude, bravery, stout-heartedness
    informal guts, spunk, grit
    British informal bottle
    vulgar slang balls
  • 5 right in the heart of the city
    centre, central part, middle, hub, core, nucleus, kernel, eye, bosom, navel
    [Antonyms] edge
  • 6 the heart of the matter
    essence, quintessence, crux, core, nub, root, gist, meat, marrow, pith, substance, sum and substance, essential part, intrinsic nature, kernel, nucleus
    informal nitty-gritty
    [Antonyms] peripherals
  • Phrases

    after one's own heart

    he looked like a man after my own heart
    [Antonyms] dissimilar, unappealing
    like-mindedof the same mindsimilar to oneselfkindredcompatiblecongenialsharing one's tastesto one's likingof the kind that one likesattractive to onedesirableattractiveappealingpleasing informalon the same wavelength

    at heart

    he's a good lad at heart
    [Antonyms] superficially
    basicallyfundamentallyessentiallyat bottomdeep downin essenceintrinsicallyinnatelyreallyactuallytrulyin factin truthFrenchau fond informalwhen you get right down to it

    by heart

    I know the poem by heartfrom memoryoff patby roteoff by heartword for wordverbatimparrot-fashionword-perfect

    do one's heart good

    it did the rector's heart good to see so many at church
    [Antonyms] sadden
    give one pleasuremake one happycheercheer one updelightpleasegladdenheartengratifysatisfymake one feel goodraise one's spiritsgive one a liftbring joy to informalgive one a buzztickle one pinkbuck one up

    eat one's heart out

    I stayed in London, eating my heart out for youpinelongachebroodmopefretsighsorrowsufferbleedyearnagonizeweep and wailregret someone's loss/absencegrievemournlamentshed tearsbe filled with envy informaldie literaryrepine

    from the (bottom of one's) heart

    I have told the truth from the bottom of my heart she spoke from the heartsincerelywith all one's heartearnestlyferventlypassionatelytrulytruthfullygenuinelydevoutlyheartilyheart and soulwith all sincerity

    give/lose one's heart to

    he lost his heart to a French girlfall in love withfall forbecome infatuated withbe smitten by informalfall head over heels forbe swept off one's feet bydevelop a crush on

    have a change of heart

    you can have your money back if you have a change of heartchange one's mindchange one's tunehave second thoughtshave a rethinkthink againthink differentlythink twice informalget cold feet

    have a heart

    have a heart—this is my last chancebe compassionatebe kindbe mercifulbe lenientbe sympatheticbe consideratetake pityhave mercy

    heart and soul

    they had committed themselves heart and soul to the projectwholeheartedlyenthusiasticallyeagerlyzealouslyunreservedlyabsolutelythoroughlycompletelyentirelyfullytotallyutterlybody and soulto the hiltwith open armsone hundred per centall the way

    in one's heart of hearts

    deep down, in my heart of hearts, I still feel the sameinwardlyinsideinternallywithindeep down (inside)deep withinat heartin one's mindto oneselfprivatelysecretlyconfidentially

    set one's heart on

    she had set her heart on going to college See set1

    take heart

    Mary took heart from the encouragement handed out
    [Antonyms] lose heart
    be encouragedbe heartenedbe comfortedderive comfortderive satisfactioncheer upbrighten upperk upliven upbecome livelierrevive informalbuck up

    with one's heart in one's mouth

    she watched with her heart in her mouth as the plane lost heightin alarmin fearfearfullywith apprehensionapprehensivelyon edgein a state of agitationin a state of nervesin fear and tremblingwith trepidationin suspensein a cold sweatwith bated breathon tenterhookswith one's stomach in knots informalwith butterflies in one's stomachin a statein a stewall of a ditherin a sweatBritish informalhaving kittensNorth American informalin a twitBritish vulgar slangshitting bricksbricking oneself datedoverstrung

    Word links

    cardiac relating to the heart
    cardio- related prefix
    cardiology branch of medicine to do with the heart
    carditis inflammation of the heart
    coronary relating to the arteries of the heart
    cardiophobia fear of heart disease

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