Synonyms of hearty in English:



  • 1 a hearty and boisterous character
    exuberant, cheerful, jovial, ebullient, backslapping, unreserved, uninhibited, effusive, lively, loud, animated, vivacious, energetic, spirited, dynamic, enthusiastic, eager; warm, cordial, friendly, affable, amiable, warm-hearted, good natured
    [Antonyms] introverted
  • 2 he expressed his hearty agreement hearty congratulations
    wholehearted, heartfelt, sincere, genuine, real, true, unfeigned, from the heart, complete, total, absolute, thorough; earnest, fervent, ardent, enthusiastic, warm, cordial
    [Antonyms] half-hearted
  • 3 a formidably hearty spinster of fifty-five
    robust, healthy, hardy, hale, hale and hearty, fit, flourishing, blooming, spirited, fighting fit, fit as a fiddle, fit as a flea, bursting with health; active, energetic, vigorous, sturdy, strong, sound; Britishin rude health
    informal full of vim
    dated stalwart
    [Antonyms] frail
  • 4 they end each day with a hearty meal
    substantial, ample, sizeable, filling, large, abundant, generous, square, solid; wholesome, nutritious, nourishing, healthy, health-giving, good for one's health
    [Antonyms] light, unhealthy
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