Synonyms of heel in English:



  • 1 shoes with low heels
    wedge, wedge heel, stiletto, stiletto heel, platform heel, spike heel, Cuban heel, kitten heel, Louis heel, stacked heel
  • 2 there was the heel of a loaf in the cupboard
    tail end, crust, end, remnant, remainder, remains, stump, butt, vestige
  • Phrases

    bring someone/something to heel

    organized crime and corruption have not yet been brought to heelsubjugateconquervanquishdefeatcrushquellquashgain mastery overgain ascendancy overgain control ofbring under the yokebring someone to their kneesovercomeoverpowertamebreak informallickclobberhammerwipe the floor withwalk all over

    take to one's heels

    he shouted a warning and took to his heels
    [Antonyms] stay put
    run awayrun offmake a run for itrun for ittake flightmake offtake offmake a break for itboltfleebeat a (hasty) retreatmake a quick exitmake one's getawayescapehead for the hills informalbeat itclear offclear outvamooseskedaddlesplitcut and runleg ithightail ithotfoot itshow a clean pair of heelsturn tailscramhook itfly the coopskip offdo a fadeBritish informaldo a runnerscarperdo a bunkNorth American informallight outbug outcut outpeel outtake a powderskidooAustralian informalgo throughshoot through archaicflylevant

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    Synonyms of heel in English:



  • the ship was beginning to heel to starboard
    lean over, list, cant, careen, tilt, tip, incline, slant, slope, keel over, be at an angle
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