Synonyms of high in English:



  • 1 the top of a high mountain
    [Antonyms] short
  • 2 he is in a high position in the government
    high-ranking, high-level, leading, top, top-level, prominent, eminent, pre-eminent, foremost, senior, influential, distinguished, powerful, important, elevated, notable, principal, prime, premier, chief, main, upper, ruling, exalted, illustrious; North Americanranking
    informal top-notch
    [Antonyms] low-ranking lowly
  • 3 you should hold on to your high principles
    [Antonyms] amoral
  • 4 shop around to avoid high prices
    inflated, excessive, unreasonable, overpriced, sky-high, unduly expensive, dear, costly, top, exorbitant, extortionate, outrageous, prohibitive; Britishover the odds
    informal steep, stiff, pricey, over the top, OTT, criminal
    [Antonyms] reasonable
  • 5 I have always insisted upon high standards
    excellent, outstanding, exemplary, exceptional, admirable, fine, great, good, very good, first-class, first-rate, superior, superlative, superb, commendable, laudable, praiseworthy, meritorious, blameless, faultless, flawless, impeccable, irreproachable, unimpeachable, perfect, unequalled, unparalleled
    informal tip-top, A1, top-notch
    [Antonyms] poor deplorable
  • 6 it was freezing cold with high winds
    strong, powerful, violent, intense, extreme, forceful, sharp, stiff; blustery, gusty, stormy, squally, tempestuous, turbulent
    [Antonyms] light, calm
  • 7 he lived the high life among the London glitterati
    luxurious, lavish, extravagant, rich, grand, sybaritic, hedonistic, opulent; prodigal, overindulgent, intemperate, immoderate; Britishupmarket; North Americanupscale
    informal fancy, classy, swanky
    [Antonyms] abstemious
  • 8 I have a high opinion of your talents
    favourable, good, positive, approving, admiring, complimentary, commendatory, appreciative, flattering, glowing, adulatory, approbatory, rapturous, full of praise
    rare panegyrical, acclamatory, laudative, encomiastical
    [Antonyms] unfavourable
  • 9 the voices rose to hit a high note
    [Antonyms] low-pitched deep
  • 10 informal some of them were already high on alcohol and Ecstasy
    intoxicated, inebriated, on drugs, drugged, stupefied, befuddled, delirious, hallucinating
    informal on a high, stoned, turned on, on a trip, tripping, hyped up, freaked out, spaced out, zonked, wasted, wrecked, high as a kite, off one's head, out of one's mind, flying, charged up
    North American informal blitzed, ripped
    US informal jacked
    [Antonyms] sober
  • 11 the partridges were pretty high
    gamy, smelly, strong-smelling; stinking, reeking, rank, malodorous, going bad, going off, off, rotting, spoiled, tainted
    British informal pongy, niffy, whiffy
    North American informal funky
    literary noisome, miasmic
    [Antonyms] fresh, aromatic
  • Phrases

    high and dry

    your family would be left high and dry by the death of the breadwinner
    [Antonyms] well provided for
    destituteberefthelplesswithout helpwithout assistancewithout resourcesin the lurchin difficultiesforsakenabandonedstrandedmarooned

    high and mighty

    informal her family were high and mighty and gave themselves airs
    [Antonyms] unassuming modest
    self-importantcondescendingpatronizingdisdainfulsupercilioussuperiorsnobbishsnobbyhaughtyarrogantproudconceitedabove oneselfegotisticegotisticalimperiousoverweeningoverbearing informalstuck-upsnootysnottyhoity-toityla-di-dauppityuppishtoo big for one's bootsBritish informalposhtoffee-nosed

    in high dudgeon


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  • commodity prices were actually at a rare high
    [Antonyms] low
  • Phrases

    on a high

    informal he was on a high following his team's triumph
    [Antonyms] depressed
    ecstaticeuphoricdeliriouselatedthrilledoverjoyedbeside oneselfwalking on airon cloud nine/sevenin seventh heavenjumping for joyin transports of delightcarried awaytransportedrapturousin rapturesexultantjubilantin a frenzy of delightexcitedoverexcitedhystericalwild with excitementfrenzied informalblissed outover the moonon top of the worldNorth American informalwigged outAustralian/New Zealand informalwrapped rarecorybantic


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  • a jet was flying high overhead
    at great height, high up, far up, way up, at altitude; in the air, in the sky, on high, aloft, overhead, above one's head, over one's head
    [Antonyms] low
  • Phrases

    high and low

    we searched for her high and low
    [Antonyms] in a cursory way
    everywhereall overall aroundin all placesin every placefar and widefar and near{here, there, and everywhere}extensivelyexhaustivelythoroughlywidelybroadlyin every nook and cranny informalall over the placeevery which wayBritish informalall over the shopNorth American informalall over the map

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