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Synonyms of hoary in English:


  • 1 majestic old oaks and hoary willows
    greyish-white, grey, white, silver, silvery;
  • 2 he began to think of himself as a hoary ancient
    elderly, aged, old, getting on, ancient, venerable, long in the tooth, of an advanced age, advanced in years;
    grey-haired, white-haired, silver-haired, silvery-haired, grizzled, grizzly
    [Antonyms] young
  • 3 the hoary old adage often used by Fleet Street editors
    trite, hackneyed, clichéd, banal, platitudinous, vapid, ordinary, commonplace, common, stock, conventional, stereotyped, predictable, overused, overdone, overworked, stale, worn out, time-worn, tired, threadbare, hack, unimaginative, unoriginal, derivative, uninspired, prosaic, routine, pedestrian, run-of-the-mill
    informal old hat, corny, hacky, played out
    North American informal cornball, dime-store
    [Antonyms] original
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