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Synonyms of hollow in English:


  • 1 each fibre has a hollow core
    empty, not solid, void, unfilled, vacant, hollowed out
    [Antonyms] solid
  • 2 her cheeks were hollow and her face bony
  • 3 ‘Goodbye,’ he said in a hollow voice
    dull, low, flat, toneless, expressionless;
    muffled, muted;
    deep, rumbling, echoing, sepulchral
  • 4 the result was a hollow victory
    [Antonyms] worthwhile
  • 5 the women believed it was nothing but a hollow promise
    [Antonyms] sincere
  • Phrases

    beat someone hollow
    he was a mere boy, but he beat them hollow
    [Antonyms] lose to
    trounce, defeat utterly, beat, annihilate, drub, give a drubbing to, crush, rout, worst, overwhelm, outclass
    informal hammer, clobber, thrash, lick, best, paste, pound, pulverize, crucify, slaughter, massacre, murder, flatten, demolish, destroy, walk over, wipe the floor with, take to the cleaners, make mincemeat of, turn inside out
    British informal stuff, marmalize
    North American informal shellac, cream, skunk, blow out
    US informal own


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  • 1 a hollow at the base of a large tree
    hole, pit, cavity, crater, trough, cave, cavern;
  • 2 a village nestled in a hollow in the Cotswolds
    British  dene, combe, slade;
    Northern English  clough;
    Scottish  glen, strath
    literary dell, dingle
  • verb

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  • a tunnel hollowed out in a mountain range
    gouge out, scoop out, dig out, cut out, excavate, channel
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