Synonyms of hop in English:



  • 1 he hopped along beside her
  • 2 informal she hopped over the Atlantic for a bit for shopping
    go, dash, rush
    informal pop, whip
    British informal nip
  • noun

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  • 1 put the rabbit on the floor to have a hop around
  • 2 informal it's just a short hop here by taxi
    journey, distance, ride, drive, run, trip, jaunt;
    flight, plane trip
    informal spin
  • 3 informal what about coming to the hop on Saturday
    informal bash, bop, shindig, shindy, do
    British informal rave-up, knees-up, beanfeast, beano, bunfight
  • Phrases

    on the hop

  • 1 he was caught on the hop
    unprepared, unready, off guard, unawares, by surprise, with one's defences down
    British informal with one's trousers down
    North American informal with one's pants down
    [Antonyms] prepared
  • 2 we were always kept on the hop
    busy, occupied, employed, working, at work, rushed off one's feet, hard-pressed, on the job
    informal busy as a bee, on the go
    [Antonyms] idle
  • British informal

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