Synonyms of hot in English:



  • 1 they provided plenty of good hot food
    heated, piping, piping hot, sizzling, steaming, roasting, boiling, boiling hot, searing, scorching, scalding, red-hot
    [Antonyms] cold
  • 2 it was a beautiful hot day
    very warm, balmy, summery, tropical, boiling, boiling hot, blazing hot, baking, scorching, roasting, searing, flaming, parching, blistering, oven-like; sweltering, torrid, sultry, humid, muggy, close, airless, oppressive, stifling
    [Antonyms] chilly
  • 3 she felt hot and her throat was parched
    feverish, fevered, febrile, burning, flushed
    informal with a temperature
    rare pyretic
  • 4 a very hot dish cooked with green chilli
    spicy, spiced, peppery, piquant, highly seasoned, sharp, fiery, strong, pungent, aromatic
    [Antonyms] mild
  • 5 hot rage surged through him again
    angry, indignant, furious, fiery, seething, raging, boiling, fuming; wrathful, enraged, infuriated, inflamed
    [Antonyms] calm
  • 6 it remains the subject of hot debate
    animated, heated, fierce, ‘lively’, intense, passionate, impassioned, spirited, ardent, fervent, feverish; furious, violent, ferocious, acrimonious, stormy, tempestuous, savage
    [Antonyms] dispassionate
  • 7 he found the competition too hot
    fierce, intense, keen, competitive, cut-throat, dog-eat-dog, ruthless, aggressive, strong, powerful
    [Antonyms] weak
  • 8 informal the romance was the hottest story in Fleet Street
    new, fresh, recent, late, up to date, up to the minute; brand new, just out, just released, just issued, hot off the press
    informal bang up to date
    [Antonyms] old
  • 9 informal this band is seriously hot
    popular, in demand, sought-after, in favour, well liked, well loved; fashionable, in fashion, in vogue, all the rage
    informal big, in, now, hip, trendy, cool
    British informal , dated all the go
    [Antonyms] unpopular out of fashion
  • 10 informal Tony is hot on local history
    knowledgeable about, well informed about, au fait with, up on, well versed in, au courant with; skilled at, expert at, enthusiastic about, keen on
    informal clued up about, genned up about
    [Antonyms] ill-informed, apathetic
  • 11 informal computer hardware is the most saleable category of hot goods
    stolen, illegally obtained, under the counter, illegal, illicit, unlawful, smuggled, bootleg, contraband
    British informal dodgy, bent
    [Antonyms] lawful
  • Phrases

    blow hot and cold

    informal he had been stringing her along, blowing hot and cold
    [Antonyms] be decisive
    vacillatekeep changing one's minddithershilly-shallyoscillatewaverbe indecisivebe irresolutebe undecidedbe uncertainbe unsurehesitateBritishhaverhum and hawScottishswither informaldilly-dally

    hot on the heels of

    critique followed hot on the heels of this pioneering work
    [Antonyms] far behind
    close behindsoon aftershortly afterdirectly afterright afterstraight afterimmediately afterhard on the heels offollowing closely

    hot under the collar

    informal Nick got really hot under the collar about the issue
    [Antonyms] pleased
    angryannoyedfuriousirateinfuriatedincensedenragedcrossin a temperirritatedput outfed upaggrieved informalaggravatedpeevedmiffedmadriledhacked offpeed offBritish informalcheesed offbrassed offnarkedrattyshirtyNorth American informalteed offticked offsorebent out of shapeAustralian/New Zealand informalsnakycrook vulgar slangpissed off literaryireful

    make it/things hot for someone

    informal make it hot for her and she'll soon go away
    [Antonyms] leave in peace
    harasshoundplaguebadgerharrypesterbotherbullyintimidatepick onpersecutevictimizeterrorizeNorth Americandevil informalhasslegive someone hellgive someone a hard timeget on someone's backAustralian informalheavy

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