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Synonyms of hot in English:


  • 1 they provided plenty of good hot food
    heated, piping, piping hot, sizzling, steaming, roasting, boiling, boiling hot, searing, scorching, scalding, red-hot
    [Antonyms] cold
  • 2 it was a beautiful hot day
    very warm, balmy, summery, tropical, boiling, boiling hot, blazing hot, baking, scorching, roasting, searing, flaming, parching, blistering, oven-like;
    [Antonyms] chilly
  • 3 she felt hot and her throat was parched
    feverish, fevered, febrile, burning, flushed
    informal with a temperature
    rare pyretic
  • 4 a very hot dish cooked with green chilli
    spicy, spiced, peppery, piquant, highly seasoned, sharp, fiery, strong, pungent, aromatic
    [Antonyms] mild
  • 5 hot rage surged through him again
    angry, indignant, furious, fiery, seething, raging, boiling, fuming;
    wrathful, enraged, infuriated, inflamed
    [Antonyms] calm
  • 6 it remains the subject of hot debate
    animated, heated, fierce, ‘lively’, intense, passionate, impassioned, spirited, ardent, fervent, feverish;
    furious, violent, ferocious, acrimonious, stormy, tempestuous, savage
    [Antonyms] dispassionate
  • 7 he found the competition too hot
    fierce, intense, keen, competitive, cut-throat, dog-eat-dog, ruthless, aggressive, strong, powerful
    [Antonyms] weak
  • 8 informal the romance was the hottest story in Fleet Street
    new, fresh, recent, late, up to date, up to the minute;
    brand new, just out, just released, just issued, hot off the press
    informal bang up to date
    [Antonyms] old
  • 9 informal this band is seriously hot
    popular, in demand, sought-after, in favour, well liked, well loved;
    informal big, in, now, hip, trendy, cool
    British informal, dated all the go
    [Antonyms] unpopular, out of fashion
  • 10 informal Tony is hot on local history
    knowledgeable about, well informed about, au fait with, up on, well versed in, au courant with;
    informal clued up about, genned up about
    [Antonyms] ill-informed, apathetic
  • 11 informal computer hardware is the most saleable category of hot goods
    stolen, illegally obtained, under the counter, illegal, illicit, unlawful, smuggled, bootleg, contraband
    British informal dodgy, bent
    [Antonyms] lawful
  • Phrases

    blow hot and cold
    informal he had been stringing her along, blowing hot and cold
    [Antonyms] be decisive
    vacillate, keep changing one's mind, dither, shilly-shally, oscillate, waver, be indecisive, be irresolute, be undecided, be uncertain, be unsure, hesitate;
    British  haver, hum and haw;
    Scottish  swither
    informal dilly-dally
    hot on the heels of
    critique followed hot on the heels of this pioneering work
    [Antonyms] far behind
    close behind, soon after, shortly after, directly after, right after, straight after, immediately after, hard on the heels of, following closely
    hot under the collar
    informal Nick got really hot under the collar about the issue
    [Antonyms] pleased
    British informal cheesed off, brassed off, narked, ratty, shirty
    North American informal teed off, ticked off, sore, bent out of shape
    Australian/New Zealand informal snaky, crook
    vulgar slang pissed off
    literary ireful
    make it/things hot for someone
    informal make it hot for her and she'll soon go away
    [Antonyms] leave in peace
    harass, hound, plague, badger, harry, pester, bother, bully, intimidate, pick on, persecute, victimize, terrorize;
    North American  devil
    informal hassle, give someone hell, give someone a hard time, get on someone's back
    Australian informal heavy
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