Synonyms of hound in English:



  • dog, hunting dog, canine, mongrel, cur
    informal doggy, pooch, mutt
    Australian informal mong, bitzer
  • verb

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  • 1 she was hounded by the Italian press
    harass, persecute, harry, pester, bother, trouble, annoy, badger, torment, bedevil, keep after; nag, bully, browbeat, chivvy, keep on at, go on at
    North American informal devil, ride
    Australian informal heavy
    [Antonyms] leave in peace
  • 2 his opponents used the allegations to hound him out of office
    force, drive, pressure, pressurize, propel, push, urge, coerce, impel, dragoon, strong-arm
    informal bulldoze, railroad
    British informal bounce
    North American informal hustle
  • 3 he led the race from start to finish but was hounded all the way by Phillips
    pursue, chase, follow, shadow, give chase to, follow on the heels of, be hot on someone's heels; hunt, hunt down, stalk, track, trail
    informal tail
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    pack1, cry collective noun

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