Synonyms of immunity in English:



  • 1 the children have an immunity to malaria
    resistance to, resilience to, non-susceptibility to, lack of susceptibility to, protection from, ability to fight off, ability to withstand, ability to counteract, defences against; immunization against, inoculation against
    [Antonyms] susceptibility to
  • 2 the rebels were given immunity from prosecution
    exemption, exception, freedom, release, impunity, dispensation, exoneration; non-liability for
    informal a let-off
  • 3 he could not be sued since he possessed diplomatic immunity
    indemnity, privilege, prerogative, special treatment, right, liberty, licence, permission; asylum; legal exemption, impunity, protection, freedom; Frenchcarte blanche
    Law, historical droit
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    immunology branch of medicine to do with immunity

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