Synonyms of impose in English:



  • 1 he imposed his ideas on the art director
    foist, force, thrust, inflict, obtrude, press, urge
    informal saddle someone with, land someone with, lumber someone with
  • 2 new taxes will be imposed on all non-renewable forms of energy
    levy, charge, exact, apply, enforce; set, establish, fix, put, lay, institute, introduce; decree, ordain, enact, promulgate, bring into effect, bring to bear
    informal clap, slap
  • 3 how dare you impose on me like this!
    take advantage of, abuse, exploit, take liberties with, misuse, ill-treat, treat unfairly, manipulate; bother, trouble, disturb, inconvenience, put out, put to trouble, take for granted; be a burden on, prey on
    informal walk all over
  • Phrases

    impose oneself

    he struggled to impose himself on a fractious partyforce oneselffoist oneselfthrust oneselfintrudebreak inobtrudeinterlopetrespassimpingebutt inbarge incontrolgain control oftake charge of informalgatecrashcrashhorn inmuscle incall the shotscall the tunebe in the driving seatbe in the saddlerun the showpull the stringsrule the roost

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