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Synonyms of in in English:


  • 1 she was hiding in a wardrobe
    inside, within, in the middle of, within the bounds/confines of;
    [Antonyms] outside
  • 2 he was covered in mud
    with, by
  • 3 he put a fruit gum in his mouth
    into, inside, into the interior of
  • 4 they met in 1921
    during, in the course of, in the time of, over
  • 5 I'll see you in half an hour
    after, at the end of, following, subsequent to;
    within, in less than, in under, in no more than, before a … is up
  • 6 the tax is charged at ten pence in the pound
  • Phrases

    in for
    she is in for a huge pay rise
    due for, in line for, likely to receive;
    expecting, about to receive, about to experience;
    in for it
    we're in for it now!
    in trouble, about to be punished, about to suffer the consequences, about to pay the price, in for a scolding
    informal for it, for the high jump, in hot water, in deep water, in (deep) shtook, about to take the rap, about to catch it
    in on
    now you're in on my secret
    privy to, aware of, acquainted with, informed about/of, advised of, apprised of, mindful of, sensible of
    informal wise to, clued in on, up on, in the know about, hip to, in the loop
    archaic ware of


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  • 1 his mum walked in
    inside, indoors, into the interior, into the room/house/building, within
    [Antonyms] out
  • 2 the tide's in
    high, at its highest level, rising
    [Antonyms] out, low
  • adjective

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  • 1 we knocked at the door but there was no one in
    present, home, at home;
    inside, indoors, in the house/room
    [Antonyms] out
  • 2 informal back when beards were in
    French à la mode, de rigueur
    informal trendy, all the rage, with it, cool, the in thing, hot, hip, happening, now, swinging
    British informal, dated all the go
    [Antonyms] unfashionable, out
  • 3 I was in with all the right people
    in favour, popular, friendly, friends;
    [Antonyms] unpopular
  • noun

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    ins and outs
    our instructors will teach novices the ins and outs of the sport
    informal nitty gritty, ABC, A to Z
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