Synonyms of indulgence in English:



  • 1 he squandered his money on the indulgence of all his desires
    [Antonyms] denial
  • 2 he took exercise as an antidote to excess indulgence
    [Antonyms] moderation
  • 3 they viewed holidays abroad as an indulgence
    extravagance, luxury, treat, comfort, non-essential, extra, frill
    [Antonyms] necessity
  • 4 her indulgence left him spoilt
    pampering, coddling, mollycoddling, cosseting, babying, mothering, nannying; spoiling, humouring, catering to someone's every whim; partiality
  • 5 his parents view his lapses with indulgence
    [Antonyms] severity
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