Synonyms of informal in English:



  • 1 an informal discussion
    casual, relaxed, easy-going, natural, unceremonious, unofficial, non-formal, unstudied, unaffected; open, friendly, intimate; simple, unpretentious, easy
    informal unstuffy, unbuttoned, chummy, pally, matey
    [Antonyms] formal official
  • 2 an informal speech style
    colloquial, vernacular, idiomatic, demotic, non-standard, popular, dialectal, non-literary; simple, natural, familiar, everyday, unofficial, unpretentious
    informal slangy, chatty, folksy
    [Antonyms] formal literary
  • 3 the guys wore very informal clothes
    casual, relaxed, comfortable, everyday, sloppy, leisure; Frenchsportif
    informal comfy, laid-back, sporty
    [Antonyms] formal smart
  • 4 an informal job sector has developed
    unofficial, irregular, grey, black, back-door, illegal, illicit
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