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Synonyms of ingenuous in English:


  • he looked at her with wide, ingenuous eyes
    naive, innocent, simple, childlike, trusting, trustful, over-trusting, unwary, unsuspicious, unguarded, unsceptical, uncritical, unworldly, wide-eyed, inexperienced, green;
    open, sincere, honest, frank, candid, undeceitful;
    direct, forthright, artless, guileless, genuine, unaffected, unstudied, unsophisticated
    [Antonyms] disingenuous, artful
  • ingenuous or disingenuous?Although ingenuous is sometimes used as though it meant disingenuous, the words are almost opposite in meaning. Ingenuous means ‘innocent, unsuspecting, and straightforward’ ( his love for her was plain on his ingenuous face). Disingenuous, on the other hand, means ‘dishonest and devious’, often suggesting that someone is concealing something ( the Minister's argument is disingenuous). The confusion may be due partly to the similarity between ingenuous and ingenious, the idea being that concealment and insincerity call for clever planning.

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    ingenuous, naive, artless
    See naive
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