Synonyms of injured in English:



  • 1 an injured player his injured arm
    hurt, wounded, harmed, sore, damaged, bruised, on the sick list, disabled;
    maimed, mutilated, deformed, mangled, crushed, shattered, smashed, broken, fractured
    British informal knackered, gammy
    Australian/New Zealand informal crook
    dated game
    [Antonyms] healthy, fit
  • 2 they were required to render compensation to the injured party
    [Antonyms] offending
  • 3 ‘No doubt you would’ she replied in an injured tone
    upset, hurt, wounded, reproachful, offended, piqued, pained, aggrieved;
    unhappy, cut to the quick, put out, disgruntled, displeased
    British informal not best pleased
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