Synonyms of inner in English:



  • 1 she lives in inner London
    central, innermost, mid, middle, interior, nuclear;
    the centre of, the middle of, the heart of
    [Antonyms] outer
  • 2 the major went to close the inner gates
    internal, interior, inside, inmost, innermost, intramural
    [Antonyms] external, outer
  • 3 the inner circle of the Imperial court
    privileged, restricted, exclusive, secret, private, confidential, intimate
    [Antonyms] outer
  • 4 a reinterpretation of the inner meaning of the Christian faith
    unapparent, veiled, obscure, esoteric, hidden, secret, unrevealed;
    deep, profound, underlying
    [Antonyms] apparent
  • 5 the uniqueness of an individual's inner life
    mental, intellectual, psychological, psychic, spiritual, emotional;
    of the mind, of the heart
    rare psychical, mindly
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