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  • 1 she was examined by three doctors and declared insane
    mentally ill, severely mentally disordered, of unsound mind, certifiable, psychotic, schizophrenic; mad, mad as a hatter, mad as a March hare, deranged, demented, out of one's mind, out of one's head, not in one's right mind, sick in the head, unhinged, unbalanced, unstable, disturbed, crazed, crazy, hysterical; Latinnon compos mentis; Britishsectionable
    British informal crackers, barmy, barking, barking mad, off one's trolley, round the twist, as daft as a brush, not the full shilling
    North American informal buggy, nutsy, nutso, out of one's tree, wacko, squirrelly
    Canadian & Australian/New Zealand informal bushed
    New Zealand informal porangi
    [Antonyms] sane
  • 2 he made an insane suggestion
    extremely foolish, idiotic, stupid, silly, senseless, nonsensical, pointless, absurd, ridiculous, ludicrous, farcical, laughable, preposterous, weird, bizarre, fatuous, inane, imbecilic, moronic, asinine, mindless, hare-brained, half-baked, ill-conceived; impracticable, untenable, implausible, unreasonable, irrational, illogical, unrealistic, unthinkable
    informal potty, crazy, mad, off beam, way out, full of holes, cock-eyed
    British informal daft, barmy
    [Antonyms] sensible
  • 3 the fly's buzzing had been driving me insane
    mad, crazy; angry, annoyed, irritated, cross, vexed, exasperated, incensed, enraged
    British informal spare, crackers
    [Antonyms] calm
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