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Synonyms of inside in English:


Pronunciation: stress on the second syllable
  • 1 my breath misted up the inside of my visor the inside of a volcano
    interior, inner part, inner side, inner surface;
    centre, core, middle, heart, nucleus
    [Antonyms] outside, exterior
  • 2 (insides) informal my insides are out of order
    stomach, gut, bowels, intestines;
    internal organs, viscera, entrails
    informalbelly, tummy, guts, bread basket
  • adjective

    Pronunciation: stress on the first syllable
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  • 1 he took an envelope from his inside pocket
    inner, interior, internal, inmost, innermost;
    on the inside
    [Antonyms] outer
  • 2 the directors used inside information to their own advantage
    confidential, classified, restricted, reserved, privileged, private, internal, secret, top secret, exclusive, off the record, not for publication
    [Antonyms] public
  • adverb

    Pronunciation: stress on the second syllable
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  • 1 the old woman ushered me inside
    into the interior, into the house, into the building, into the room
    [Antonyms] outside
  • 2 don't let them know how you feel inside
    inwardly, within, secretly, privately, deep down, at heart, in one's heart, in one's mind, emotionally, intuitively, instinctively
    [Antonyms] outwardly
  • 3 informal if I commit another offence I'll be back inside
    in prison, in jail, in custody, under lock and key;
    informalbehind bars, doing time
    British informaldoing porridge, doing bird, banged up
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    intra- related prefix, as in intravenous, intraday

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