Synonyms of interrupt in English:



  • 1 she opened her mouth to interrupt I'm sorry to interrupt your chat
    cut in (on), break in (on), barge in (on), intrude (on), interfere (with), intervene (in); heckle, put one's oar in, have one's say; Britishput one's pennyworth in; North Americanput one's two cents in
    informal butt in (on), chime in (on), horn in (on), muscle in (on)
    British informal chip in (on)
  • 2 the band had to interrupt their US tour
    suspend, adjourn, discontinue, break off, hold up, delay, lay aside, leave off, postpone, put off, put back, defer, shelve; stop, put a stop to, halt, bring to a halt, bring to a standstill, cease, end, bring to an end, bring to a close, cancel, sever, dissolve, terminate
    informal take a breather from, put on ice, put on a back burner, put in cold storage
  • 3 the coastal plain is interrupted by large lagoons
    break up, break, punctuate, intersperse; pepper, strew, dot, scatter
  • 4 their view is to be interrupted by a new housing estate
    obstruct, impede, block, interfere with, cut off, get in the way of, limit, restrict
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