Synonyms of intimate in English:

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intimate 1

Pronunciation: rhymes with ‘ultimate’


  • 1 an intimate friend of Picasso's
    close, bosom, boon, dear, cherished, familiar, confidential, faithful, constant, devoted, fast, firm, favourite, special
    [Antonyms] distant
  • 2 the hotel has an intimate atmosphere
    friendly, warm, welcoming, hospitable, harmonious, relaxed, informal, easy;
    informal comfy
    [Antonyms] formal, cold
  • 3 they divulged their intimate thoughts
    innermost, inmost, inner, inward, deep, deepest, darkest, deep-seated;
  • 4 he has an intimate knowledge of the coal industry
    detailed, thorough, exhaustive, deep, in-depth, profound;
    experienced, personal, first-hand, direct, immediate
    [Antonyms] scant
  • 5 he had intimate relations with his friend's wife
    sexual, carnal, amorous, amatory, romantic
    formal fornicatory
  • noun

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  • his background was common knowledge among his intimates
    close friend, best friend, bosom friend, constant companion, alter ego, confidant, confidante, close associate
    British informal mate, mucker, china, oppo, butty, bezzie
    Northern English informal marrow, marrer, marra
    North American & South African informal homeboy, homegirl
    South African informal gabba
    Australian/New Zealand informal offsider
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    Synonyms of intimate in English:

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    intimate 2
    Pronunciation: rhymes with ‘imitate’


  • 1 he intimated to the committee his decision to retire
    announce, state, proclaim, set forth, make known, make public, make plain, impart, disclose, reveal, divulge;
  • 2 Day intimated that the outlook does not look good
    imply, suggest, hint at, insinuate, indicate, signal, allude to, refer to, communicate, convey;
    give someone an inkling of
    informal tip someone the wink about, get at, drive at
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