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Synonyms of intrigue in English:


Pronunciation: stress on the second syllable
  • 1 other people's houses always intrigued her
    interest, be of interest to, fascinate, be a source of fascination to, arouse someone's curiosity, engage someone's attention, attract, draw, lure, tempt, tantalize;
    divert, titillate
    [Antonyms] bore
  • 2 the ministers were intriguing for their own gains
    plot, hatch a plot, conspire, take part in a conspiracy, make secret plans, lay plans, scheme, manoeuvre, connive, collude, work hand in glove
    rare complot, cabal, machinate
  • noun

    Pronunciation: stress on the first syllable
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  • 1 the intrigue that accompanied the selection of a new leader they implicated him in a nasty intrigue
    plotting, planning, conspiracy, collusion, conniving, scheming, machination, trickery, sharp practice, double-dealing, unscrupulousness, underhandedness, deviousness, subterfuge;
    plot, scheme, stratagem, ruse, wile, artifice, manoeuvre
    informal dirty tricks
    rare complot, cabal, covin
  • 2 the king's intrigues with his nobles' wives
    secret love affair, affair, affair of the heart, liaison, amour, amorous entanglement, romantic entanglement, fling, flirtation, dalliance;
    informal fooling around, playing around, playing away, hanky-panky
    British informal carryings-on, carry-on, bit on the side
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