Synonyms of irregularity in English:



  • 1 the irregularity of the coastline
    [Antonyms] regularity, straightness
  • 2 the irregularity of the road surface
    lumpiness, knobbliness
    rare knobbiness
    [Antonyms] regularity, smoothness
  • 3 any irregularities in the concrete will be masked by the soft board on top
    bump, lump, bulge, hump, knob, knot, projection, prominence, eminence, ridge, protuberance, kink;
    hole, hollow, pit, crater, depression, dip, indentation, trough, dent, dint;
    gap, space, break, crack, chink, fissure, cranny
    informal sticky-out bit
    rare concavity
  • 5 the monitor showed every little irregularity of her baby's heartbeat
    fluctuation, flutter, waver, flicker, falter, quiver, tremor, tremble, hiccup
  • 6 there has been irregularity in the conduct of the election a probe into alleged financial irregularities at the club
    [Antonyms] correctness
  • 7 staff kept a vigilant watch and noted any irregularity in operation
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