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Synonyms of itch in English:


  • 1 scratch my back—I have an itch
    tingling, irritation, itchiness, stinging, prickling, tickling;
    Medicine  paraesthesia
  • 2 informal he had the itch to write fiction
  • verb

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  • 1 the heat made their chilblains itch
    tingle, be irritated, be itchy, sting, prickle, tickle
  • 2 informal he itched to do something to help they were itching for a good game
    long, yearn, pine, ache, burn, hanker for/after, hunger, thirst, lust, pant, hope, be eager, be desperate, be consumed with desire, be unable to wait, would give one's eye teeth, wish, have a fancy;
    crave, need, lust after, dream of, set one's heart on, be bent on, eat one's heart out over, covet;
    want, desire, fancy, set one's sights on
    informal have a yen, be dying, be gagging
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    acarophobia fear of itching
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