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  • 1 my job involves a lot of travelling
    position of employment, position, post, situation, place, appointment, posting, placement, day job; occupation, profession, trade, career, work, field of work, line of work, line of business, means of livelihood, means of earning a living, walk of life, métier, pursuit, craft; vocation, calling; vacancy, opening; Scottishway
    informal berth
    Australian informal grip
    archaic employ
  • 2 a job that will take him three months to complete
  • 3 it's your job to protect her
    responsibility, duty, charge, concern, task; role, function, contribution, capacity, mission, commission
    informal department
    British informal pigeon
    dated office
  • 4 informal it was a job to get here on time
    difficult task, problem, trouble, struggle, strain, hard time, trial, bother
    informal headache, hassle, performance, pain, hard mountain to climb, hard row to hoe
  • 5 informal a series of daring bank jobs
    crime, felony; raid, robbery, hold-up, burglary, break-in, theft
    North American informal heist
  • Phrases

    just the job

    British informal the very thingjust the thingjust rightexactly what's needed informaljust what the doctor orderedjust the ticketAustralian informaljust the glassy

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    job, task, chore, duty
    See task

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