Synonyms of joint in English:



  • 1 a leaky joint in the metal guttering
    join, junction, juncture, intersection, link, linkage, connection, nexus; weld, knot, seam; coupling, coupler; bracket, brace, hinge; Anatomycommissure, suture
  • 2 the hip joint
    technical articulation
  • 3 informal L'Alouette looked like a pretty classy joint
    establishment, restaurant, bar, club, nightclub
    informal clip joint, dive
    North American informal honky-tonk
    in the US, historical speakeasy
  • 4 informal he rolled a joint
    cannabis cigarette, marijuana cigarette
    informal spliff, reefer, bomb, bomber, stick
    South Africanzol
    black English blunt
    British informal bifter
  • adjective

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  • matters of joint interest a joint effort
    [Antonyms] separate individual
  • verb

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  • use a sharp knife to joint the carcass
    cut up, chop up, butcher, carve
  • Word links

    arthro- related prefix, as in arthropod, arthroscope
    zygo- related prefix, as in zygomatic

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