Synonyms of jolt in English:



  • 1 the train stopped suddenly, jolting the passengers to one side he jolted his injured ankle
    push, thrust; jar, bump, knock, bang, jostle; shake, joggle, jog, nudge
  • 2 the car jolted along the rough wet roads
    bump, bounce, jerk, rattle, lurch, shudder, vibrate; Britishjudder
    rare jounce
  • 3 she was jolted out of her reverie the anger in his tone jolted her
    startle, surprise, shock, stun, shake, take aback; astonish, astound, amaze, stagger, stop someone in their tracks; upset, disturb, perturb, disconcert, discompose, unnerve, throw off balance, set someone back on their heels; galvanize, electrify
    informal rock, floor, knock for six, knock sideways
  • noun

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  • 1 a series of sickening jolts that jarred every bone in her body
    bump, bounce, shake, jerk, lurch, vibration; impact; Britishjudder
    rare jounce
  • 2 he woke up with a jolt
    start, jerk, jump, abrupt movement, convulsive movement
  • 3 the sight of the dagger gave him a jolt
    fright, the fright of one's life, shock, scare
    informal turn
  • 4 it had been an unpleasant jolt, but Susan recovered quickly
    shock, surprise, bombshell, bolt from the blue, thunderbolt, rude awakening, eye-opener; blow, upset, setback
    informal whammy
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