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  • 1 the judge sentenced him to five years
    justice, magistrate, His/Her/Your Honour; Law Lord, Lord Justice; (judges)the judiciary; in England & Walesrecorder; in Scotlandsheriff; in the Isle of Mandeemster; in the Channel Islandsjurat; North Americanjurist, surrogate; Spanishalcalde
    informal beak, m'lud
    historical reeve
    Scottish historical sheriff-depute, bailie
  • 2 a distinguished panel of judges will select the winning design
    adjudicator, arbiter, assessor, evaluator, appraiser, examiner, moderator; umpire, referee, referee's assistant, assistant referee, linesman, line judge, mediator; expert, connoisseur, authority, specialist, pundit; Latinarbiter elegantiarum
  • verb

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  • 1 I judged that she was simply exhausted voters were asked what factors they judged to be most important
    form the opinion, come to the conclusion, conclude, decide, determine; consider, believe, think, deem, view; deduce, gather, infer, gauge, tell, see, say, estimate, assess, guess, surmise, conjecture; regard as, hold, see as, look on as, take to be, rate as, rank as, class as, count
  • 2 other cases were judged by tribunal
    try, hear, sit in judgement on; adjudicate, decide, give a ruling/verdict on, pass judgement on
  • 3 she was judged innocent of murder
    adjudge, pronounce, decree, rule, find
  • 4 the competition will be judged by Alan Amey
  • 5 entries will by judged by a panel of experts
    assess, appraise, evaluate, weigh up; examine, review, criticize
    informal size up
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